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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  August 22, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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another death linked to west nile virus. the disease is spreading. we're going to tell you about efforts to try to stop it. it's august 22nd, good morning maryland, i'm charlie crous. >> what's going on out there with the weather. >> not looking too bad. we do have one loan storm. that storm is broken up now as it heads towards the mountains. we're dry. for the most part we're going to stay that way.
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we're looking at temperatures this morning that are on the core side. look -- low side. look at the low 60s in stevenson. the winds are calm this morng. we are working with so much patchy fog once again as you head out and about. 66 degrees as we wake up this morning and we will be dry for the most part. lunchtime, sun and clouds with that temperature coming in right around 82 degrees. let's get a check with time saver traffic. mike, what do you have out there. >> pretty easy. let's get to work and show you the construction delays. we'll take you up to 95. this is a rather a ramp closure you make your way towards 695 -- this is actually 895 construction delay. that's knocking out the -- that's what i'm talking about the ramp closure as you head
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out, be aware of that it will slow you down, speeds have been reduced. 695 there's some construction delays right now as you're nearing the parent parkway. outside we go for a live shot. this is 695. so far so good. another check on traffic and weather coming glop amber alert out of prince georgia's county has been cancelled. police say the one-year-old that they were worried about has been found. he was found near washington, d.c. the alert was issued late tuesday night. now, that the child's father has been found, he could be facing kidnapping charges for martinez. closer to home, police are looking for a missing 16-year- old girl. she was last seen friday at her grandmother's home. since then no one has heard from her. police say this possible she left to meet someone she had
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met online. if you have any information call police. this morning wear continuing to follow that train derailment. more than 20 train cars derailed into the heart of historic city that was on main street. two college women they was killed, burried in the cold that train was carrying. >> reporter: the two both 19 were sitting on the ledge of the bridge. they were facing east. their backs were to the side of the train as it passed just a few feet behind me. >> there were three crew members on the train carrying a load of coal. investigators say the train was traveling the speed limit, 25 miles per hour. it was more than 4,000 feet long, more than 9800 tons, something went terribly wrong and it tripped the automatic
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emergency brake. >> with three crew members on board, i reviewed their statements, all their statements indicate they felt nothing and saw nothing before emergency brake occurred in their train. >> there was a video recording of what led up to the derailment. it's being taken back to d.c. where it's being downloaded and evaluated. >> that was kelly well that clean up is continuing this morning. family and loved ones were two girls killed along those tracks are broken. they were on the bridge when that derailment happened. they were both beginning their junior year. green remembers her laugh, smile, dancing and the way she made everyone feel included. aside from the details and being too close to the tracks, she says she was not
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irresponsible. some people can do that 5 billion times and they can tell all the time. some people do it once in their life and they don't -- they can't live to tell the tell. >> the nursing students will likely plan a memorial from there when classes resume next week. the community will be grieving the loss, other victim in that tragedy. she's getting ready, she was ready to head back to james madison university that. morning another family is mourning the death of their son. 20-year-old. he died while supporting operation enduring freedom. the infantry man was based out of washington. the cause of the death still under investigation. >>the navy seal from edgewater died last week when his helicopter crashed during a fire fight. he joined the navy in 2006 and
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served on the west coast sea unit the past 4 years. he was one of six members, seven members who died in the black hawk -- taliban is claiming responsibility to shoot down that helicopter. father thomas meeks took time to reflect on his son's life. >> he would be quick to pull up anybody quick. he says the motives and, you know, what they were doing as seals. >> my friend lived his life. he was able to live his dreams. and there's few people in this world that get to do that. >> patrick was highly decorated servicemen for his devotion to god and country. >> a police involved crash that happen on monday, now this
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morning pg county police say they have arrested a person that led to that officer's death. the officer was killed when his cruiser ran off of i-95 during that pursuit and crashed into a ditch. the driver of the car and the officers they were chasing, that guy was arrested. now the other officer in that crash was treated and released from the hospital. police have not released any other details. john hopkins university is hosting a back to school social. 200 city school students are going to be treated ice cream and it's all apart of a university. the treats are going to be serving the students from 4:30 to 6:00 that's coming up tonight. >> mario will be in town today. the singer is going to join the other city leader at the teen summit to help teens and other young adults. mario is baltimore native and
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former nfl atlanta falcons will be in attendance. it starts at 6:00 tonight. all right let's talk about what's going on right now, we'll put you in the clear, you can see some showers off towards the west coast things pretty dry as we will begin to have high pressure built in and that will move into the area as we go through into tomorrow. for this morning, we do have a few clouds lingering out there. we'll get that sun cloud mix like we saw yesterday, isolated shower or storm it's possible to pop up. this morning still on the cold side look at your upper 50s. 61 in frederick, also winchester 63 hagerstown and culpepper. 71 in dc. look at what we have right now in salisbury coming in. >> less than a week students are going to head back to school and those that head
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back, are heading back to new edition. here is more on the renovation projects for baltimore city public school. >> charlie, students they're going to be in for quite a treat when they head back to school on monday. they'll eel step into a new edition, the new edition is phase one. phase 2 includes renovating the old school building. once the entire $20 million project is complete, they'll house about 1200 students making it one of the largest elementary schools in the city as the new edition offers students wi-fi, air condition voice over internet phones state of the art security system and loss of natural light. the public can help students with the tag and gambling revenue all going towards education. >> all of that money will go into new construction. we would like to either donor renovations, major renovations and build completely new schools for every school that's
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in the district, so we want to increase the educational capacity of our system and the ultimate in technology in all of our schools. >> baltimore city public schools had a study completed by jacob son international firm. they found it will take $2.4 billion to renovate or transform the ribbon cutting system. she region son, abc2 news. >> he made sensitive remarks regarding rape and abortion. it turns out that missouri congressman he's staying in the race despite what the party wants him to do. here is the latest. >> despite calls to finish his u.s. senate race, todd aiken let a deadline pass. he's under fire for saying rape rarely lead to pregnancy.
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the political fall out prompted repeated apologies, he even released a tv ad tuesday. both presidential campaigns have strongly contend aiken's comments. meanwhile tae approved a platform calling for a constitutional amendment banning abortion, it does not contain any exemptions for rape or incest. republican senator scott brown rejected such a stance in a letter to the republican national committee he wrote "i believe this is a mistake because it fails to recognize the views of pro-choice republicans like myself" the romney campaign made its position clear sunday a statement says "a romney ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape." west nile virus calling alarm across a number of
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states. >> what health officials are doing to prevent further death. >> also a new book about joe paterno hitting bookshelves, the latest to reveal. >> the car that she was driving has plunged how she managed to survive. >> while the break down on the traffic report coming up on the other side of the break.
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news around the nation reporting another person has died in dallas from west nile virus. authorities say the latest victim was an elder will i woman she was in her 80s diagnosed with a disease that was something that affected her brain. the aerial sprain did seem to work. the city -- spraying on the ground to kill the moe ski toes
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that are carrying that disease. >> they're protesting the living conditions at that complex and the group says immigrants had been told, they can't seek work outside that complex or wait for their employers in the nearby parking lot. >> authorized biography as the late joe paterno now in stores. he hardly got along with former assistant coach jerry sandusky sexually abusing boys. it talked about how he died uncontrollable. >> florida family has much to be thankful for after their daughter drove their car into a pond. a. he pulled her out and gave her cpr. she spent a number of days in the hospital and thankful the man was able to rescue her.
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>> thompson has since been released from the hospital and she'll be turning 18 at the end of the month. ice covering the arctic ocean is now melting, they say this is because of the higher than average temperatures this year. this is coming from the u.s. national snow and ice data center in colorado. now they say the area of the ocean covered by ice gets to under 2 million square miles last week after a huge drop in sea ice. it's the fourth lowest annual minimal ever measured there are still about 5 weeks left. >> we're joined again by lanet on the desk, a aç11lot going on weather wise. you've got a good run here. roads out there. >> pretty good. all construction delays. we'll break it down for you. >> all right. it's all on me. >> let's talk about the temperatures right now because lots of cool air out there right now. we can see that pool of green, that means that we're dealing
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with some cooler temperatures, look at the upper 50s, cincinnati more of the same. we're dealing with the temperature at 58 degrees this morning. york pennsylvania came in at 58 degrees as well. temperatures should be at 65. basically we still do have that trough of low pressure with that it's going to keep us unsettled again for today. we're going to keep an isolated shower and also keeping those temperatures on the below normal side. we look at the satellite and radar, we do have a little bit of cloud cover out there this morning that's going to give way to plenty of sunshine as we go into the afternoon. with the trough still in place, with the heating of the day still going to give a chance for that shower. we do have tropical storm isaac, the wind sustained about 40 miles an hour. let me show you where it is actually. it is back moving over the western an tilllies that's the track and then it may even strengthen as it begins into cuba and look at what we have
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as we go through the end of the weekend into next week. yes it does have its eyes set on florida. but this is what we have as we head through the rest of today, basically sun cloud mix out there. things looking pretty good with that temperature coming in in the low to mid-80s. let's get a check on the traffic. good morning. >> mostly construction delays, so far no accidents to report. we'll start you up towards the north and north and east of town this is an issue on the on ramp that's being closed down as you near white marsh boulevard that's off of 95 just be aware of that. watch delays 695 as you head south. that is right around the exit -- right around exit 18. they do have an on ramp closure due to construction delays. if you're making your way into harbor tunnel we is have road 
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work. that will certainly slow you up through the course of the morning. out side we go for live shot and show you things are looking pretty good. time now 5 things you may want know on this jury selection in an animal hording case. elizabeth is charged with 60 counts of animal cruelty. she's accused of having dozens of dead animals in her townhouse. >> pleading guilty to dressing messages against president obama on facebook. while he's looking at a sentence of up to five years in prison. >> and alleged master mind and his co-defendants are expected in court today for a hearing. they're facing charges of hijacking. first lady michelle obama announcing today what's being called a major veterans and
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military spouse milestone. she's making this announcement at the na val station in jacksonville. >> today is the deadline to respond to investigation into its new voter id law. opponents sea it will make it more difficult for seniors minorities and others to vote in the general election coming up in november. >> still ahead this morning a pretty spectacular site. >> active volcano putting on quite a show. but it's also causing a little bit of inconvenience. if you think there's not enough leg room on the planes right now. just wait while you're faced with space just a little smaller. >> we're going to pick up where we left off yesterday with that sun cloud mix and isolated showers and storms possible as we go into the afternoon as we walk you through the day, partly cloudy skies by 6:00. still quite dry as we head into the 9:00 hours that temperature coming in at 73 degrees. yes you can eat the lunch out today. by 3:00 p.m. and isolated showers in the
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forecast. map íú
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4:53. we are so excited that we're counting down the days until katie comes to baltimore. she has a new talk show it's going to air right here on abc2. what you're looking at is a behind the scene tours you can see how close she is to the audience right there. big cameras not in the way. we want to learn more about the show and maybe a studio guest, all you have to do is log on to abc make sure that you join us on september 10th that's the big premier for the show 4:00 and abc2 news at 5:00 follows. >> around the world, the unrefugee agencies launched a full investigation into abduction and murder of promise human rights activist. he was found dead outside of
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kingston. police are working to establish a motive. grant -- helping refugees find shelter and jobs. >> wile fires raging this morning. this is south of bosnia that people have been evacuating camps and side smoke and flames continue to spread in the mountains. meantime there are about 20 major fires burning out of control, authorities say they are suspicious that those fires may have been intentional lissette. >> about 100 families living nearby have been forced to evacuate. volcano has been active inic door since 1999. >> time now for a check on the weather, gorgeous day yesterday. >> it was gorgeous and we're going to do it again today. we're going to give more sunshine in the forecast. still going to keep an isolated shower but it will be mainly dry. >> i k


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